Crown Moulding is a beautiful addition, but is it hard to install?

Crown moulding is unarguably one of the most noticed things about ones home. Realtors even use that as a feature when listing a houses "key features". Are you afraid to take this project on out of rumors on how hard installing crown moulding is?

We understand it can be tough to install crown moulding. With the weight of traditional materials, the complicated miters, and the ups and downs on the ladder trying to make that cut fit. That is why we came up with our easy crown moulding installation.

We first improved the materials over MDF moulding and wood moulding by using an architectural urethane. This has the same density of about pine, but at a fraction of the weight. We then paired our moulding profiles with easy outside corners, inside corners, and couplers. This makes it so you won't have a single miter on your installation. The best part is, no one will know you cheated as the end result is absolutely beautiful.